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Teacher of the Year


Michelle Sparks

From Principal, John Lowman (Paraphrased)

Michelle Sparks may have students laughing and talking loudly but don’t be fooled, they are engaged in thoughtful debate. Shallow thinking is not allowed here. Sometimes her students are known to squirm but there are no long faces and her students produce outstanding workday after day, year after year. Always in the middle of what they are doing and with them after school when they need her, Michelle Sparks is the Chavez Elementary 2015 Teacher of the Year.


Paraprofessional of the Year


Julia Heavner

From Principal, John Lowman: (paraphrased)

As a faithful crossing guard, an inclusion aide or planting flowers to make Chavez beautiful, Julia Heavner is student-centered.  Students understand she cares about them as she puts them to work and helps them break down learning objectives into understandable concepts. She is unwavering in her commitment to their success. Thank you, Julia, for all of your heart that you pour into Chavez!  Julia Heavner is the Chavez 2015 Paraprofessional Lobo Team Member of the Year.

Lobo Team Member of the Year


Luz Almaguer Costilla (Adriana)

From Principal, John Lowman: (paraphrased)

Adriana is a rare individual who communicates contentment by her words and her actions.  She is soft spoken but is quick to smile or laugh about situations she encounters daily while making Chavez a bright place to work. Students know that if they are doing something they should not be doing Mrs. Luz will softly encourage better decision-making.  All of our staff value Adriana as an important part of our team.  We feel blessed to have such a unique and caring individual to contribute to the overall success of our campus. Luz Almaguer Costilla is the Chavez 2015 Auxiliary Lobo Team Member of the Year.